Thursday, 24 December 2009

Dr Seuss's Copenhagen by Marcus Brigstocke

An awesome rhyme about the Copenhagen climate summit from the Now Show...
Dr Seuss's Copenhagen by Marcus Brigstocke

The delegates came and the delegates sat
And they talked and they talked till their bums all went flat
Then a delegate said of the country he knew
"We must do something quick but just what should we do?"
So they sat again thinking and there they stayed seated
Sitting and thinking "the planet's been heated"
"I think" said a delegate there from Peru
"That we all must agree on some things we could do
Like reducing emissions at least CO2"
So they nodded and noted then vetoed and voted
And one of them stood up and suddenly quoted
"It's the science you see, that's the thing that must guide us
When the leaders all get here they're certain to chide us"
So they sat again thinking about what to think
Then decided to ponder what colour of ink
To use on the paper when they’d all agreed
To be selfless not greedy McGreedy McGreed
"But how do we choose just what colour to use?"
Said a delegate there who'd been having a snooze
"We need clear binding targets definitive action
We must all agree clearly without more distraction"
So they sat again thinking of targets for ink
But the ink in their thinking had started to stink
And they started to think that the ink was a kink
In the thinking about real things they should think
"If ze climate needs mending then zis is our chance"
Said the nuclear delegate sent there by France
"We need to agree on one thing to agree on
Something we all want a fixed guarantee on"
"Yes" said another who thought this made sense
Some value for carbon in dollars or pence
But the mention of money and thoughts of expense
Had stifled the progress and things became tense
The fella from China with a smile on his face
Said "Who put the carbon there in the first place?"
"Wasn't us" said the U.S then Europe did too
Then a silence descended and no words were spoken
Till a delegate stood up, voice nervous and broken
"Is there nothing upon which we all can decide?
Because on Wednesday my chicken laid eggs that were fried"
"We all like a sing song" said the bloke from Down Under
But then the great hall was all shouting and thunder
Policemen had entered and were wearing protesters
Who they'd beaten and flattened like bloodied sou'westers
The police had decided to downplay this crime
With prevention detention and beatings in rhyme
The Greenies who'd shouted and asked for a decision
Were now being battered with lethal precision
All sick of inaction and fed up of waiting
All tired of the endless debated placating
They'd risen up grating berating and hating
So the police had commenced the related abating
Ban Ki-moon put his head in another man's lap
And was last heard muttering something like "crap"
But the chap next to him said "It's more like it's poo"
So the great hall debated not what they should do
But how to decide between crap cack and poo
"It is poo" "It is cack" "It is crap" "We agree"
Which was written and labelled as document three
"I think if we all find one thing we agree on
Then maybe Brazil might be left with a tree on"
So they sat again thinking of trees and Brazil
And of glaciers which had retreated uphill
And they thought of the poor folks whose homes were in flood
But less of the protesters covered in blood
They pondered the species so nearly extinct
It's as if they all thought that these things might be linked
"We need a solution we need action please"
Said a lady who'd come from the sinking Maldives
The others all nodded and said it was fact
That the time must be now not to talk but to act
Then Obama arrived and said most rhetorical
"Action is action and not metaphorical"
"Wow" they all thought "he must mean allegorical"
"I love it when Barack goes all oratorical"
"But the problem I have is that Congress won’t pass it
"Bugger" said Ban Ki then "sorry" then "arse it"
Then Brown said "I've got it now how does this strike you?
It's simpler when voters already dislike you"
He suggested the EU should lead from the front
So The Mail and The Telegraph called him something very unpleasant indeed
So the delegates stared at the text with red marks on
Ignoring the gales of laughter from Clarkson
No-one was satisfied nobody won
Except the morons convinced it was really the sun
And they blew it and wasted the greatest of chances
Instead they all frolicked in diplomat dances
And decided decisively right there and then
That the best way to solve it's to meet up again
And decide on a future that's greener and greater
Not with action right now but with something else later


  1. Great Poem, but all so negative - what about the positive aspects of gloabl warming - rising sea levels mean more coastal wetlands, sand lizard popuations will thrive in the new warm environment, London will be the new Venice, and real-esate on the Siberia Plateau will rocket...?

    Marshal Jim Duncan

  2. Hi Marshal Jim,

    Thanks for the great comment, funny but interesting! And well yes, I suppose I have to agree with you: there will be positive change from global warming if we are able to adapt, and humans are adaptable, I guess it is what we are good at.

    'London the new Venice'! But does London want to be the new Venice? They might have to update their Victorian era sewerage system quite rapidly too!

    I wonder how well nature will adapt, I am sure it will as long as the 6C increase threshold isn't reached (that may set us back a few million years), but some things will be lost no doubt. As I understand it in the past there has been mass extinction, and this has led to the evolution of new species which has its positive sides, it just depends which species one belongs to!

    Ah but this brings me to a point. The negatives can't be ignored, because they are huge. I don't like other beings, particularly of my species, dying on mass when it could be preventable. The avoidable suffering of others upsets me a lot when I am aware of it (and I value awareness), it also upsets others a lot. Hey it even illicits anger at time. Therefore there can be a lot of frustration at those with the power to make large changes doing essentially nothing to help those who are dying. The expression of this frustration I think is healthy, and Marcus does such a good job!

    So yeah, I am well up for finding the positives (else what's the point?), but there are these other issues too.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I sent the sound file to friends, but some servers blocked it. Now all my friends can read it too.
    Peter M


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