Monday, 20 April 2009

Positive Change

"Hold onto the faith, this life is a miracle,
Each moment is new, one step at a time.
Rise up from the fear; be free of the manacles,
Let love be the key, one step at a time."
(Seize The Day - Rise Up)

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling something, and I am interested to know if you have been feeling it too. What it is is this: in subtle ways there are a lot of positive changes happening. Now it may well be that I am projecting my internal reality on to the outside world, but I will explain and maybe you can judge for yourself.

Firstly, a discussion of positive change cant be made without reference to Obama! Now I have my doubts about this man, but then anyone set up as a messiah I would have my doubts about. However, in the last week or so he released documents, against the wish of ex CIA chiefs, that detail the torture America was involved in. To me this shows greater openness, and a willingness to say 'look we were wrong'. Until that truthfulness exists how can positive change take place? So I am happy about that little sign.

Secondly, on a slightly more personal note, I got a bunch of my friends happily munching on some wild plants yesterday. It showed a general spirit of openness and an ability to overcome prejudice that I hadn't seen to such an extent before.

Thirdly, people are opening up to the merits of fairtrade produce and organic produce, opening up to the realisation they can make positive changes in the world by the choices they make.

Fourthly, a bit of a strange one, is the outcry in the media about the recent police brutality at the G20 summit where one person was killed by the police. Now while it is negative that the police are acting in bad ways and at times for political motives, that this is now in public awareness and being investigated, for me is positive change. I was aware of other acts of police violence a few years ago that were unreported in all the main media. So it is positive that while there may be some negative controlling forces in the world, these forces are not all powerful and are being challenged.

Fifthly, a few weeks ago I spent a weekend at a charity called Salem ( This is a small charity that is highly active in doing peace work, environmental work and looking after children. While there I met many really inspiring people engaging in really cool projects where they are making great impacts. With these people there was a great sense of support, a great sharing of experience and strength. It gave me the knowledge that what ever difficult changes we as humans have to face we will not be facing them alone, and also that humans can be so creative, supportive, loving and fun!

Sixthly, the sun is shining and I have a really great girlfriend!


  1. I'm glad you see positive changes in the world and Seventhly you are one of them yourself!
    (really great to be your girlfriend) :)

  2. Thanks, but then you may be biased! ;)


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