Sunday, 30 October 2011

Zsofia Forro: Hungarian, Romanian and French Tutor

You know how people are always asking you where they can learn Hungarian, Romanian or French, how barely an hour passes without someone pestering you? Well now I can give you the solution!

Send them to this wonderful Hungarian, Romanian and French tutor. The tutoring is mainly based in Bristol and Somerset (Glastonbury, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Taunton etc.), but in the age of technology I'm sure arrangements can be made for international tutoring. She will also cover your translation and interpreting needs for these languages.

You can check out her qualifications and background on her website, but as someone who has kept her under close observation for the last two years I would like to add to whatever is written there in saying that she has a good mixture of intelligence and empathy, amiability and professionalism and that I heartily recommend her!

If you sign up to her fun and interesting newsletter, you get a free audio lesson to download (these normally supplement the one-on-one tuition).

Best wishes,

P.S. The promised pictures of Romania will have to wait a bit longer, but in the meantime here is one of a horse riding trip we went on in Transylvania.


  1. the English Language, so it appears, should also be a tutoring option, hum? : -)

  2. Yes that is very true! I am sure it is an option, but I will mention it to her :)

    (Isn't it interesting how 'i am sure it is...' kinda means I think it probably is, as opposed to 'it is' which means 'it is sure that...'?)


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