Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Greater Self-Reliance in Health and Wellness - New Website

So I am finally getting to bring together my interests and qualifications and put them to good use! I have started a new project that aims to help people use herbal medicine and wellness tools to increase self-reliance in terms of their health and well-being. A little later I will also be offering herbal consultations, but I will tell you about that a little nearer the time.

This project is great because I get to do what I really love, follow my interests, and (hopefully) really help others! It draws on my experiences of the last several years, the study I have been doing, and the perspectives I have been, and am, developing. I am integrating my interests in herbal medicine, human development and well-being, an integral (or holistic) approach, and sustainability and self-reliance.

Sustainability and self-reliance I think is a really important issue: the signs as I read them are that issues that we are facing across the globe, such as financial instability, environmental problems, and a looming energy crisis, are not going to go away in a hurry. Therefore I believe that what we can do to increase our own self-reliance, and the sustainability of our communities and culture, we should do. This is true in many areas, not least in healthcare. What we can do to improve our health and well-being, and to manage simpler illness ourselves, will decrease the burden on our healthcare system so that it is better able to help us when we really need it. Of course, improving our health and well-being and treating simple conditions naturally is a good thing in its own right, and it is something I highly encourage no matter what the rest of the world is doing!

It is still early days for my project, but part of it is up and running and I am continually developing it. I will be running some online courses in the near future, with the first one being ready in a few weeks. What is up and running already is my blog, and a mailing list through which you can learn a new medicinal plant and practical tool for developing your well-being every month, and as part of that I have just started a free mini-series called Little Acts of Wellness.

Little Acts of Wellness

Often (and I know this from personal experience) it can be quite difficult to find the time or motivation for caring properly for your health and well-being. There can be so much to gain from regular exercise, eating good food, developing your inner self, your spiritual practice, your relationships, and your being in the world, but often life just gets in the way! By using Little Acts of Wellness you can overcome the time and motivation problem by making small changes or designing small activities that support and care for the many aspects of your being (that can then be expanded when time and energy allow). It is a useful way to get doing something rather than nothing, and to open up the possibility of sometimes doing more. Check out my post on Little Acts of Wellness to find out more and to join my mailing list and receive future installments.

Thank you for reading, and if this at all inspires you please join me! 

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