Saturday, 3 January 2009

Woo! Go beaver!

A beaver has escaped, built a home and started work on a dam (times article). Even when some idiots are invading the Gaza strip I can be happy! (Though should I be?!)

But back to beavers - they apparently help clean rivers of pollutants as well as being so cool!


  1. Hey Mark is that a european or american beaver? good news if the first one, not so good for our local wildlife if the second!

  2. European I guess as it was imported from Bavaria. Sadly they are building a trap to capture it and its mates are still in captivity. However the reintroduction of beavers is being seriously considered :-)

  3. you know we have a beaver re-introduction project here in north wales? just looking at the feasibility but is it a start! well look what happened in scotland! got to start somewhere!

  4. Cool! your organisation is ace!

    What happened in scotland?


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